Kinja Roundup: 8/17/15 - 8/21/15

Welcome to your weekly update on all things Kinja. We’ve decided to bring back our weekly product recaps, and give them a bit of a fresh spin. Stay tuned every Friday for updates on feature releases and changes that have taken place during the week. Questions and dialogue are encouraged, and we look forward to hearing… » 8/21/15 11:45am 8/21/15 11:45am

We're Testing You: New Sidebar

From time-to-time, in an effort to improve the overall site experience, Gawker runs A/B tests on various features of our blogs. As we examine the results of these tests, we will try to publish the results here, to give some perspective on features we are testing and how we think they improve (or don’t improve) the… » 8/17/15 5:42pm 8/17/15 5:42pm

Introducing the New Blog Settings

The Tech team is releasing an updated Blog Settings feature, which will allow users to manage all of their blogs and their respective settings in one place. The Blog Settings items, previously contained in separate tabs within a modal, will be extracted as individual tabs within the Manage Blog page. Specifically,… » 6/29/15 12:08pm 6/29/15 12:08pm