Introducing Group Chats, Now On Lifehacker

You may have seen a new comment design floating around the Gawker universe over the past few weeks, as well as a beta link on Lifehacker. That design, called Group Chats, is now live on Lifehacker for everybody to use.

Our tech team has been hard at work getting feedback over the past few weeks and tweaking the design and system based on your comments, so if you haven't tried it out since the beta, give it a shot. It's very simple: the Highlights section shows the best discussions and ones in which the author has participated. The All Replies section shows everything, if you like to read through every single comment. It's essentially the same as the old design, but with comments showing in one full-width column, using a slightly more traditional format.

Check out the post from our tech team below for more info, and be sure to give your feedback here, in this post, where they can see (and reply to) it!

Completing the Roll Out of Group Chats

Today, we'll be rolling out group chats and design updates to the rest of Kinja including Jezebel, Lifehacker, Gawker, and personal blogs.

We'll be continuing to make small improvements over the coming weeks, so let us know what's confusing to you and what isn't working correctly. But, also let us know what you like about group chats. Almost all of the changes we've made since moving Jalopnik to the new design two weeks ago have been made based on your feedback. And, if you want to know more about the idea behind group chats, check out this post or ask a question.