Product and Feature Updates about Kinja
Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

07/18 Tech Wrap Up

Hi All - please see below this weeks Tech Wrap-Up

Completed This Week:

  • Image insertion reworked to be more reliable and less prone to formatting issues (including inadvertent deletion of text below the image)
  • Now possible to add a link around an image
  • Link Insert dialog box a little prettier/matching other UI
  • Cleanup of formatting of text pasted in from outside editors [this is rolled out to 1/2 our network sites and we'll go to 100% 07/18]
  • Roundup of other bug fixes: slow Notifications, disappeared comments, block/follow requests, video decorator, faster private pages, burner Login issues
  • Created the first version of the API interface & Service Authentication guidelines

Work In Progress:

  • New groupchat layout and left rail prototypes. Design and UX concepts for the new global navigation.
  • Fix for bug where saving a reply with an image without waiting for the image to finish uploading can result in broken image
  • Faster save of posts containing images that were added by URL
  • We started mocking a new standalone settings page, the goal is to have a more straightforward way of editing profile and blog settings
  • Adding GA measurements to the various registration stages to see how we can improve the registration process

Up Next:

  • Cleaning up the groupchat view.
  • Faster upload of images (by sending them directly to our provider)
  • New Global Navigation Prototype
  • Slack, we have purchased enterprise licenses for Slack, so we'll be doing discovery work around integrating slack into Kinja

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