Product and Feature Updates about Kinja
Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

07/25 Tech Wrap-Up

Hi All - welcome to the weekly Tech Wrap-Up. I just wanted to quickly address site stability over the last few weeks, and questions such as "Why the hell is Tech doing a server maintenance during the day?", "Why do the sites crash every time they do a maintenance?". A couple of weeks ago we had some hardware fail in our datacenter which exposed some flaws in our architecture, therefore we've been remedying them and running lots of tests. As to why we've been testing during the day, we need to have traffic on the servers to validate our failover is working, if we did it the middle of the night with little to no traffic everything would appear to be fine, thus setting us up for failure in the future.

The good news is that we found the source of a lot of errors and fixed them. We will however be doing more testing over the coming weeks, we appreciate your ongoing patience. I'll be setting up a Tech Slack channel in the next few days so you can make us aware of issues and vent your frustration.



  • We fixed old links where the /+user feature was not working.
  • Fixed a glitch where the reply button stopped working when switching between all view and the author chat.
  • Resolved several recent image-related bugs (images displaying twice after copy/paste, unable to move image via copy/paste, image placeholders getting saved if image is still uploading when post is saved)
  • Resolved insets failing to be added on pages with big number of links
  • Resolved strange copy-paste from Microsoft Word (thumbnail of document added below it on every paste)
  • Resolved periodic issues switching into HTML mode
  • Fixed a bug where trying to register a burner with a name that belongs to an existing blog, we used to let users do that but the captcha verification failed because of this. Now the blog name is checked before the captcha screen.
  • Made performance improvements for Follow and Private pages
  • Fixed 'manage blog' issue for some sites

In Progress

  • New Editor view which expands to fit the content with more vertical space instead of scroll bar. This is currently behind a feature flag please try by adding ?growingeditor=on to the end of the URL you're editing on, i.e.
  • Working on improving the global navigation, which will create fixed toolbar at the top of the page with a clear login call to action. This will also greatly improve the navigation and menus on mobile and tablets.
  • An improved sidebar design, which will integrate images into the left rail and ideally will remove the fade at the bottom of the stories list.
  • Improvements to group chats.
  • Updating our video pre-roll solution to improve the experience for readers.
  • Better cleanup of HTML inserted via copy/paste
  • Making image uploads by URL behave more clearly and not add extra time to post save
  • Testing out direct upload of images from the browser to our image provider (could speed things up and eliminate some sources of bugs)
  • Working on a mobile prototype of new user registration & onboarding
  • Designed an API for finding trending content on the platform
  • Started working on the implementation of the new settings page
  • Working on a new standalone settings page with improved UI

Up Next

  • Implement Google Analytics Premium
  • Extending the mobile-first onboarding process to desktop
  • Experimenting with CDN level browser detection to serve mobile, tablet and desktop optimized versions

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