Product and Feature Updates about Kinja
Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

Welcome to this week's Tech Wrap-Up. Here's what is happening in our world as we head out to Budapest:


  • We launched a fix for insets added inside blockquotes or inside other formatting elements
  • Fixed an issue where a post can't be saved if it only contains a third-party embed and no other content

In Progress

  • We're starting to implement a minor redesign of the editor. Formatting options currently buried in the "Aa" menu will be moved out, we're adding a better datepicker, prettier tag field, etc.
  • Working on a direct upload of images to our provider — Speeds up image uploads by approximately 2X (behind feature flag, enabled on a few sites, will be rolling out to more over next week)
  • We're also eliminating a lot of old editor code. This should speed up page load a bit once completed.
  • Improving the current way of inserting embeds into the editor. Right now to add an embed that's not from a very common provider, going to the HTML view is the only way, so addressing that.
  • Work continues on the global navigation which is in prototype now
  • The profile team is working on the first stable version of the standalone settings page with improved UI
  • Prototype being built for the new Kinja registration and onboarding process (mobile version)
  • Team is creating APIs for trending posts discovery
  • New video advertising solution (interstitial) design complete - starting implementation soon
  • Left rail improvements are designed and in coding
  • UI improvements to Group Chats being prototyped

Up Next

  • More work on Group Chats
  • Evaluate new Ad Units and work on design mock-ups
  • Design improved Kinja onboarding experience from all entry points
  • Addressing a bug where are a couple of reports where blog owners changed unexpectedly

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