Product and Feature Updates about Kinja
Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

08/22 Weekly Tech Update

Hi All, apologies for the 2 week gap in weekly updates, the NY Tech team made the annual pilgrimage to Budapest to spend time with our Hungarian crew (who proved to be far better hosts than we are).

Our Tech Summit got a little dis-railed by the graphic images issue, but it brought out the true spirit of collaboration as the Tech Team & Edit Leads fueled by rosé and pizza worked late into the night to come up with a fix. This is a complex problem to solve, so our solution will continue to evolve over the coming weeks as we get feedback from internal users and the Kinja community.


As of now we currently have the 'Pending' comments feature rolled out Kinja wide, and image upload ability is turned for all blog and sub's s other than Kotaku, we hope to have this Kinja wide early next week.

Here are the rest of the updates:


  • Direct upload of images to our provider — speeds up image uploads by approximately 2X
  • Fixed failure of Amazon link-out insets to display
  • Fixed errors on posts with Twitter embeds (periodic failure of editor to load)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from changing admin/author permissions on blogs
  • Fixed issue with login panel of mobile version
  • Prototyped visual improvements to group chats
  • Prototyped a new pre-roll experience

In Progress

  • Redesign! We are starting to implement a minor redesign of the editor. Formatting options currently buried in the "Aa" menu will be moved out, we're adding a better datepicker, prettier tag field, etc.
  • Improving the way we insert embeds into the editor. Right now to add an embed that's not from a very common provider, going to the HTML view is the only way.
  • We're finalizing the design and finishing up cross-browser testing for the new global navigation design.
  • Visual updates to the left rail/sidebar. We're still working out how the sidebar should interact with the ads.
  • Beginning work on a flagging system for all Kinja blogs.
  • Clearer messaging when a post save times out; added ability to retry save

Up Next

  • Release successful elements from group chat prototype to live site.
  • Implement user registration metrics to better understand how many users register, why users fail to complete registrations and how active they are shortly after registering

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