Product and Feature Updates about Kinja
Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

08/29 Weekly Tech Update

Hi All - keeping it short and sweet today, please see updates below, enjoy your Labor Day weekend:


  • Image blurring on pending comments is now live across Kinja
  • Rich media is re-enabled in replies across all of Kinja.
  • Followed users can now recommend images to pull items out of pending.
  • Return of the post save timeout: If post saves take too long (currently 60+ seconds) an error message will be displayed and there will be a chance to attempt a re-save, instead of the editor just staying locked up indefinitely.

In Progress:

  • Global navigation is being tested
  • Left rail improvements
  • Flagging system
  • Adding back a way of linking any image in a post to a URL (this is behind feature flag, not yet rolled out to all sites)
  • Nicer toolbar UI and date-time selector
  • Friendlier tagging UI
  • Adding support for creating a new "Preview" post type
  • New dialog for inserting media, including embeds that previously could only be inserted by going to HTML model
  • Fixing bugs with bad markup like , <span> being automatically inserted
  • If a thread only has unapproved comments, we should remove the 'Load more replies' button.

Up Next:

  • We're looking for a way to improve pending comments readability, and improve the performance of image blurring

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