Product and Feature Updates about Kinja
Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

09/08 Weekly Tech Update

Hi All - just a quick Tech update, a more robust update will be coming on Friday:

In Progress:

  • Global navigation - released to GMG staff for feedback, will start rolling out this week (Lauren will present the roll-out plan at Wednesday's Product Council)
  • Adding logging of the contents of the editor over time, which will allow us to more rapidly understand and resolve issues where the editor produces bad markup or text is lost (We will be gradually enabling this on all GMG sites this week)
  • UI redesign: nicer date selector, tag field, clearer options on bottom of post related to saving, previewing
  • Preview feature (gives the author ability to see how the post will render on their respective blog)
  • New Insert Media lightbox for inserting any type of embed without have to resort to HTML editor
  • Left Rail - based on the prototype we've started building a new content discovery section
  • Flagging Comments - we have completed mockups for the flagging interaction and administration
  • Group Chats - based on the prototype we are working on adjusting the current layout
  • Improving errors messages on registration and profile

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