Product and Feature Updates about Kinja
Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

09/12 Weekly Tech Update

Hi All - the big news this week of course is the release of our new Global Navigation which is now live across the whole Kinja network. Overall the feedback from users has been very positive, in particular the vastly improved mobile experience. We're keeping track of all the feedback and we'll be making improvements over the coming weeks.

Next up is the improved Editor tool which we'll be rolling out incrementally over the next few weeks, there's not much in the way of new functionally, but its huge upgrade in terms of simplicity and usability.


Here are your updates:


  • Pending comments are now approved immediately on the frontend after a successful reply or recommend
  • Adding logging of the contents of the editor over time, which will allow us to more rapidly understand and resolve issues where the editor produces bad markup or text is lost
  • See full historical view of notifications
  • Fixed a few bugs on Liveblog which ensured a successful event for the iPhone 6 launch
  • Global Navigation released across the Kinja network


  • Working on the prototype for flagging and the admin interface
  • Left Rail. Implementing ideas from the previous prototype and next concepts from Design/UX
  • Group Chats. Implementing ideas from the prototype
  • Building Mobile Ad's for 2015
  • Editor UI redesign: nicer date selector, tag field, clearer options on bottom of post related to saving, previewing
  • Preview feature
  • New Insert Media lightbox for inserting any type of embed without have to resort to HTML editor
  • Error message redesign, text and logic under validation
  • Research on improved notifications
  • Registration dashboard definition
  • A/B Testing for Promoted Posts

Up Next

  • Registration dashboard implementation
  • Error messages development to start

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