Product and Feature Updates about Kinja
Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

09/26 Weekly Tech Update

Please see this weeks updates:


  • We updated the mobile Kinja menu logo from an arrow to a hamburger.
  • We added back the blog logos in the Kinja menu to give the user more visual context.
  • We fixed a bug where notifications weren't wrapping.
  • We removed the share buttons from drafts, so you don't accidentally share something before it's live.
  • Fixed bug where incomplete registration modal keeps popping up
  • Captcha with nicer rendering when registering Burner account
  • Blog/Avatar for blog upload bug fixed

In Progress:

  • Flagging, we're going to begin testing with editors today
  • Left rail, just waiting on some final design touches
  • Mobile "More Stories" should be ready to test early next week.
  • Editor UI redesign, we'll start testing some features with Editors next week: nicer date selector, tag field, clearer options on bottom of post related to saving.
  • New Insert Media lightbox for inserting any type of embed without having to resort to HTML editor
  • Improved error messages under implementation behind feature switch
  • Spam blog autodetection
  • Logo/Avatar upload for the blog new panel to start implementation

Up Next:

  • Minor improvements to usability with the video interstitial.
  • Improved registration/Login flow

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