Product and Feature Updates about Kinja
Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

This week in Product...


  • New left rail live on Jalopnik and performance tested across Kinja. Will be live on all of the Chartbeat-supported home pages in the next week.
  • Flagging is live on Kotaku, Kitchenette and Valleywag. Full roll out early next week.
  • New panel for managing blog logo / avatar is live for testing (for super users and editors) and will roll out across the platform next week.
  • Improvements to error messaging is now live on Kotaku and Jezebel. Will roll out wider next week.
  • Groupchats improvements are live on Gizmodo and Kotaku. Full roll out early next week.
  • Fixed a bug where the follow button would disappear if you weren't logged in.
  • Fixed a bug where the global nav was clickable even before the logo scrolled in.

In Progress:

  • Editor - (Behind a feature flag/In testing) new, flatter & more modern editor design, with toolbar that includes inline formatting buttons and horizontal rule button.
  • Editor - (Behind a feature flag/In testing) new invites flow including improved module for sending Twitter invites after publish, instead of as part of post creation or editing
  • Editor - New date/time picker (we just finished some last style changes, now it's ready to get up behind a feature flag)
  • Registration flow improvement allowing for multi OAuth login
  • Working on pulling search out of the Kinja menu and into the global navigation
  • Left rail - applying the new design to the left rail on permalinks and simplifying the logic we use to load in the related stories.
  • Tips/ Sources contact flow - finalizing prototype and should be in testing next week.
  • Promoted posts on mobile/tablet will be moved to third spot within the next few days
  • New mobile ad to be introduced on stream pages.
  • Beginning work on the 2015 site refresh.
  • Continue to test and optimize the mobile footer on the network

Up Next:

  • Editor - New Insert Media dialog that makes it much easier to add third-party embeds
  • Editor - New Preview feature

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