Product and Feature Updates about Kinja
Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

10/17 Weekly Tech Update

This weeks Tech/Product update:


  • Groupchats readability improvements live everywhere
  • Flagging live on Jezebel, Lifehacker, Kotaku, Gawker. Wider release expected soon after we fix an outstanding bug
  • Left rail live on Gawker and Jalopnik, we're testing a permalink design today and will continue the home page roll out.
  • 300x250 ad added to mobile story and stream pages. Live on Jezebel
  • Promoted posts switched to third spot on all touch devices
  • Logo/Avatar upload for blog rolled out everywhere
  • New warning messages rolled out everywhere
  • Fixed 'Handler Not Found' bug
  • Fixed several bugs on Twitter invite / Notification
  • Fixed Editor prompting before being closed if no changes were made
  • Fixed Instagram embeds you can now paste the instagram URL. (previously, this sort of worked, but you first had to X out an inset in the editor, now it's much less of a pain)
  • Fixed issue where spacing is lost when copying from Google Docs to Editor

In Progress:

  • A/B testing two different mobile footer designs on Valleywag
  • Working on adding a second ad slot to the new left rail design
  • New editor design implementation
  • Multi OAuth registration
  • Registration flow and panels improvements
  • SSO Admin V2 (internal tool for user management)
  • New Insert Media modal with nicer embed support that should mean no more going to HTML view for that stuff
  • Ability to easily toggle insets back and forth between links and insets

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