Product and Feature Updates about Kinja
Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

10/3 Weekly Tech Update


  • Groupchats: Contributions from blog admins will now show up and can trigger the author's discussion. This means that in addition to the post's author and invited users, blog admins will show up in the author's discussion.
  • Groupchats: Removed Popular Discussion and will now default to the "approved" version of replies (added benefit of load speed improvement)
  • Differentiated flows for burner signup/login depending on which button is pressed on the global nav
  • Follow yourself button has been removed

In Progress:

  • We're pushing to have the left rail live on a site on Monday
  • Flagging is ready for testing on a site beginning of next week
  • The visual updates to group chats are in review
  • Improved error messages getting close to being complete, behind ?warningstyles=on feature switch
  • Manage blog logo avatar upload panel ongoing
  • Improved video ad experience. live on jalopnik
  • Testing adding a footer to mobile permalinks to aid content discovery. live on gawker
  • Continuing AB test of new promoted post slots, if all goes well we'll flip the switch next week

Up Next:

  • Registration flow improvement
  • SSAdmin v2

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