Product and Feature Updates about Kinja
Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

10/31 Weekly Tech Update

Hi All - as you know we've been putting a lot of effort into the new editor tool, for those of you that aren't already doing so you can now access the editor behind a feature flag (its still a work in progress with some more tweaks and bug fixes to come):


Here are the rest of your updates:


  • Added more characters to the reply preview in the flagging queue
  • Fixed a flagging bug where the flag count was incorrect
  • Rolled flagging out globally
  • Fixed the sites on IE9
  • Completed roll out of mobile footer on GMG sites
  • Fixed an issue creating a blog from

In Progress:

  • Added a second ad placement in the left rail (currently live on Jalopnik, Gawker and Deadspin - soon on Gizmodo)
  • Working with our 3rd party monitoring vendor on resolving an issue we've been experiencing over the last 3 weeks
  • Sources/Tips
  • Pulling search out of the Kinja menu
  • Asking users to tell us why something has been flagged
  • Allowing admins to filter by these items in the flagging queue
  • Complete roll out of the left rail on GMG sites and then the rest of Kinja
  • Changing the front page "popular stories" call to Chartbeat on all blogs
  • We-write of notification framework
  • Ongoing Editor bug fixes

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