Product and Feature Updates about Kinja
Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

11/14 Weekly Tech Update

Hi All - its been a busy few weeks for Tech & Product, with lots of projects in progress, and more soon to be kicked off.

On Going:

  • Planning and research for the 2015 refresh
  • New Editor. We are just fixing a last couple of bugs and hope to get this rolled out to one site next week (thanks for all the great feedback!)
  • A/B Testing global nav updates on Jalopnik (big Kinja logo replaced with hamburger)
  • A/B Testing search update on Lifehacker (search is moved from Kinja menu to top nav)
  • Rolling out the mobile permalink footer across all of Kinja
  • Multi OAuth + improvement of registration flow. Almost done, minor cosmetics to finalize.

Up Next:

  • Rolling out the left rail everywhere
  • Flagging enhancements (flag types, sort by flag type)

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