Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

​11/21 Weekly Tech Update


  • New Global Nav search is live everywhere
  • New left rail is live everywhere with a handful of exceptions (client blogs)
  • Chartbeat is now powering the home page sidebars across Kinja
  • The mobile footer is now live everywhere
  • Fixed a bug when scheduling on a reframe

Next Up:

  • New Editor will go live on Jalopnik & all sub-sites on Monday, will continue roll-out next week
  • Streamlined registration and multi-Oauth live in io9 and Kotaku, will continue roll-out next week
  • A left rail enhancement that will improve the ad interactions
  • The next round of flagging improvements
  • Continued work on the refresh
  • Research on improvements to pending
  • Unified Settings page
  • Editor - New, improved Insert Media dialog
  • Editor - Switching to a more stable, maintainable backend for the editor (Scribe)

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