Product and Feature Updates about Kinja
Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

Hi All - welcome to our very first Weekly Tech Team Wrap-up! I joined the Gawker Tech Team last month as Director of Program Management and one of my responsibleness is to give everyone more visibility into what we're up to.

Its been a busy first few weeks on the job, we've been spending a lot of energy on building the Product Roadmap and we've reorganized into smaller teams to align more closely with our major initiatives (Reading Experience, Editor, Publishing, Data/Analytics, Profile, Publishing, Stability & Search)


Over the next few weeks we'll be starting work on major roadmap initiatives including new features, but we're also going to have a good number of our engineers dedicated to improving the current Kinja experience. Therefore the majority of the updates you will see initially will mostly likely be Bug Fixes and a few new minor features. You'll see particular focus on Editor fixes, small tweaks to the reading experience and navigational elements.

The format of the wrap-up is not set in stone, so let me know any suggestions you may have, I'd also like to know what updates you'd like to see but have not got from us. Updates below, Cheers Stu


Feature Releases

New post auto-recovery. This is a data recovery feature that, while it will not solve all of the cases where post data can conceivably be lost, it allows for recovery of the contents of a new post if the browser crashed or was closed while you were working on it. Released to Jezebel, Deadspin, Gawker, Cink and Kotaku, will release to all remaining sites this week


Group Chat Update. We've added the option to include admins in chat highlights. In Testing

Bug Fixes


Fixes for editor jumping from place to place when applying formatting options. There are a few annoying cases (as seen on where the editor will jump to unexpected locations when applying formatting, for example after marking text as a header; this should resolve most cases. Testing on Lifehacker


Fix for Images added by URL causing slower-than-normal post saves Released to All Sites

Fix for posts scrolling down immediately (to a seemingly random location) after opening them in the editor. Released to All Sites


Fix for entire header getting deleted when hitting backspace following a header. Released to All Sites


Fixed a problem where nobody except for the original author of the post could move it to a different blog. Released to All Sites


Fixed a bug that caused certain sitemap calls to fail when the date parameter wasn't specified properly. Released to All Sites

Invites Modal fixed a modal bug in the invite flow, that prevented an invitation from being accepted. In Testing


Invite Resends Fixed a bug that occurred during resending a failed invite request from the notifications menu. In Testing

Authentication Issue. Fixed a bug that prevented login for some users. The underlying issue was related to how we handle followed and blocked users, and only affected users who were not owners of their default (private) blogs. Released to All Sites

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