Today, we started beta testing a new editor, launching in-full on Kinja in the coming weeks. On the surface you'll notice it's cleaner, lighter feeling and a bit faster. Underneath the hood, though, it's a completely new editor.

When we started working on a new editing tool, we kept several goals in mind:

  • Improve the posting experience whether you're writing a 2,500 word article or simply posting a GIF
  • Build a more flexible editing foundation making it easier for us to add new features and fix annoying bugs

Here are some of the great new features in the editor:

  • Cleaner design and layout
  • Multiple image upload - choose multiple files in the file dialog OR drag and drop selected files directly into the editor
  • More text formatting options and an improved link insertion dialog
  • Private and Public posts instead of "draft" posts (see below)

We're making a change to post statuses - draft vs published posts. Going forward, posts can either be private or public. Private posts can only be seen by you (and for the time being, appear under drafts in your private view). Public posts can be seen by anyone.


This change will pave the way for additional sharing features launching in the coming months. You'll be able to selectively share private posts with other people on Kinja. You'll also be able to allow those people to collaboratively edit those posts.

After launch, we've got a lot more in store:

  • Better embed interactivity (so you won't have to click into HTML mode to ever so carefully insert embeds)
  • Better sharing and collaboration for private and public posts
  • Auto save!
  • Making the new editor work in all areas of Kinja including replies, annotations (text and image) and shares.
  • And of course bug fixes, performance improvements, and smaller feature enhancements


If you have any feedback โ€” bugs, ideas, or other โ€” please let us know below!