Product and Feature Updates about Kinja
Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

A new front page for Kinja

Today is the official launch of the new front page of Kinja, a showcase for the best content from Gawker Media and the Kinja network—and a hint of what's to come for the rest of the platform.

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Kinja's front page editors Jesus Diaz and Ken Layne will highlight the best that Kinja has to offer, from Gawker Media sites to your personal blog. Using a new share tool, they'll be able to reframe niche posts for a wider audience. A few highlights:

This share tool is in Beta for now, but we will be opening it up to all users on the Kinja platform in the coming weeks. It will let you publish your own take of a Kinja post, and share it to Facebook or Twitter along with the original content.


“We’re building a truly interactive news platform,” our founder, Nick Denton, told Nieman Lab. “Readers should be able to contribute stories, get them on the front, determine headline and image size that their friends see, rebut stories, etc.”

Along with the introduction of the new share tool, the front page has an updated design:

  • The toolbar is reduced to minimal icons on the right and left of the screen.
  • The fixed sidebar features top headlines from across Kinja, along with more room for blog branding.
  • The images on the front page are not as massive. Featured images shrink from 970px to 640px, and standard images shrink from 320px to 130px.
  • We're also introducing story packages. Editors can highlight a range of related stories on the front page of their blog.

This design is only available on Kinja's front page for now, but like the new share tool, you can expect to see it spread platform-wide in the near future.

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