Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

When we kicked off the new left rail project earlier this year, we had two main objectives.

Simplify the logic around what shows up in the left rail, and give the rail some style.

After giving the new design a test run over on the Gawker owned-and-operated sites, it's ready for it's debut on Kinja.


Design Updates:

Instead of showing a huge block of headlines in the left rail, we're reducing the number of stories that appear (a maximum of three), while adding in thumbnails to make each story pop.

Logic Updates:

For a long time, we've used Chartbeat's Top Pages query to power the left rail on the stream pages of many of the larger Kinja blogs. We use a different, more opaque logic for the left rail every other stream page.


From now on, on your home, tag and stream pages, we'll fill the left rail with a list of popular stories powered by the data we receive from Chartbeat.


We've also simplified the logic on story pages. Rather than seeing an assortment of all of the author's activity across Kinja, we'll simply show the posts that the author has recently published.

There are cases where the left rail may appear blank - if your blog is inactive, if you haven't published anything to your blog - but as you publish to your blog and gain readership, you can expect it to fill in.


On Gawker Media sites, you'll see an additional module that includes popular stories from across Kinja. This module, Trending on Kinja, is activated when we enable ads on a blog.

As always, please leave any questions below and I'll jump in to answer them as soon as possible.

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