Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

A New Look For Discussions

Kinja is in the process of a visual metamorphosis. These improvements are occurring in redesigned iterations, which you can read about here and here. Also, don’t forget to follow our weekly updates (such as last week’s) to hear more about the reactions, next steps, and thoughts around our new designs.

The post’s discussions are next in line for an aesthetic upgrade. With this release, the overall look matches the other clean and simplified improvements. Now, the content of each reply has space to breathe and to be read easily. Better indentations in replies create a flow for each thread that is simple to follow the conversation. The surrounding actions and information take a background role with improved visual hierarchy and straight forward icons. The new design will hopefully allow your voices in discussions to standout even more, read with ease, and lead to more engaging discussions with our clearer call to actions.


Not only do they look better, but behind their new façade the code is better. The tech team has written leaner CSS with better responsiveness for all your digital reading environments.

This is a huge step for our discussions, leading the way for further improvements and upgrades on Kinja.

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