Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

A quick update on text annotation

Today, we're continuing the roll out of text annotation, a feature that has been live on Jalopnik and this blog for the past few months.

Before we roll this feature out to the entire platform, we want to know what you think. You can head over to Kotaku, Jalopnik or Lifehacker to check it out, and leave your feedback in the replies on this post.


How It Works: To annotate a paragraph, select the + icon beneath any paragraph and publish your annotation.

Once your annotation has been published, you can view it by clicking on the number beside that paragraph.


Annotations are also visible, along with the accompanying text, in the replies below the post.

Following the same rules as replies, annotations will appear in the pending submissions section if the user is not a member of, or followed by, the blog.


After a bit more testing, you can expect to see text annotation on all Kinja blogs.

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