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An Improved Workflow for Adding a Member to your Blog

Currently on Kinja when you add a member to your blog they automatically become a member with no recourse, the user is not notified and there is no way for them to remove themselves from your blog. While this is a fine workflow for legitimate users and members that were anticipating being added, its proved to be problematic when someone is accidentally added to a blog, or is being trolled and added to lots of blogs.

So we have just launched an enhancement to this workflow. Now when you add a member to your blog they will set to ‘Pending’.


They will receive a notification which they can ‘Accept’ or ‘Decline’ (the notification will be pinned at the top of their notifications page until they take an action).

If they accept the invitation they are added to the blog, if they decline they are completely removed. You as the user that added them will then receive a notification informing you of the action they took.


While we appreciate this does add an extra step for getting someone on-boarded to your blog, we hope the benefits outweigh the extra effort.

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