Product and Feature Updates about Kinja
Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

Do You Want to See Whats ‘Active Now’?

Tomorrow we’ll be enabling a prototype of an ‘Active Now’ feed for a small number of people and we’re looking for our most hardcore Kinja users to get involved and give us feedback.

This new feed will surface emerging stories across the Kinja Network that are gathering steam and starting to get ‘hot’. We’re hoping this will be a really great feature for our power-users that want to get involved with stories early and often.


If you’re interested in getting access to this feed just reply to the thread and I’ll send you a notification when it’s switched on for you. All I’ll ask is that after a week of using the feed you’ll be open to emailing me with your feedback (I’ll send you a reminder and include my email address), what you did or didn’t like, and what improvements we could make before releasing to a wider audience.

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