Today, we made several design improvements to homepages (both "Latest" and "Recommended" views) as well as tagpages. Here's what was updated:

  • We reduced spacing between posts which makes for less scrolling and easier scanning.
  • Headlines are displayed up to ~70 characters to encourage shorter, more concise headlines. More on that here. (There's also a helpful character counter in the editor to let you know the length of your headline).
  • Intro paragraphs are displayed up to ~330 characters.
  • The recommend and discuss icons are both smaller and the counter for the number of replies on a posts has been moved next to the reply icon. Also, you can no longer discuss a story from homepages - you need to reply from the post page. We made this change because we noticed that higher quality discussion stemmed from users who'd read the post as opposed replying simply as a reaction to the headline on the homepage.

We have many more improvements in store so stay tuned!