Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

Improving the Dashboard

When we launched the dashboard in mid-April it was a big improvement over private pages, but we knew there was plenty to be done to streamline the experience. Today we are launching the next generation dashboard.

We’ve disentangled the confusing mix of user and blog components into two separate pages - the dashboard and manage blogs pages.

The dashboard is now entirely user-centric and contains the feed and your personal notifications - the feed is a stream of posts from users and blogs that you follow. This is a minimalistic page that allows you to engage with your content without distraction.


The manage blogs page is a central location for anything related to your blogs. You can navigate to it via your user dropdown in the global navigation.

Currently you’ll find your blog’s posts, your drafts and any flagged posts. In the upcoming weeks, we’ll move your blog settings to this page as well. You’ll also notice some features have been completely removed from the new pages as they were rarely used - blog notifications, blog follows, blog recommends.

We hope you enjoy the new Dashboard. We are far from done with it, so expect bigger and better changes in the near future.

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