Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

Infinite Big Images!

Many of you wanted more big images. Now you have the power to have as many big images as you want.

In addition to updating permalink sidebars, we released a new feature today which allows you to recommend images independently from recommending the post. When you click into a permalink, hover your mouse cursor over the image to reveal a star at the top right corner of the image. If you click the star, the image will expand to 640 pixels wide on your front page. You can arrange images in any order within the post and star whichever image you want to appear as the big, lead image on the front page. Recommending the post itself will only enlarge the headline.


You can recommend any image which is 640 pixels (or more) wide in any post on a blog where you're an admin. This works with YouTube and Vimeo video thumbnails as well!

Embiggen all the images! If you run into any problems, you know how to reach us.

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