Product and Feature Updates about Kinja
Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

Introducing SVG Icons

“SVG is the future. The Russians still use PNG icons.”

- Ancient designer proverb

Over the last couple of weeks, the tech team has been tirelessly working on replacing our current iconography set with a new implementation — and we’ve started rolling it out today. Handcrafted by our very own @hipra, these new icons are lighter, sleeker, and in line with forthcoming Kinja redesigns.

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There are a couple of reasons we decided to proceed with the new set:

  • Consistent visual language and interactions
  • Better-looking and less distracting icons
  • SVG functionality and flexibility

The last point delves a bit into the Technical World of Nerdom, but “SVG” stands for “scalable vector graphics.” This means that each icon is a composite of mathematical computations, so they’re infinitely resizable and easily animatable. If you’re curious, here are a couple of examples of neat things one can do with SVG:

These examples are a bit overkill for Kinja iconography, but we’d like the door to be open to the possibilities — none of which is possible with our current icon font. If you haven’t seen any of the new icons yet, keep your eyes peeled in the coming days.


Questions or concerns? Let us know in the comments below.

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