Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

We're introducing a new way to discover what your friends are doing on Kinja. Beginning Tuesday, April 7, every user on Kinja will have a profile page.

Once this feature is live across the platform, your byline will link directly to your Kinja profile, rather than linking to your personal blog.


Your profile includes all of your activity from Kinja: The posts you've written, the discussions you've joined and everything that you've recommended.

You can check out any user's Kinja profile by clicking on their byline, or by heading to My profile, as an example, is at Gawker Media CEO Nick Denton's profile is at

What's Going to Happen to My Blog?

Your blog isn't going anywhere, but it's just going to become more of, well, a blog.


Later this month, we're going to clear out everything that you didn't explicitly publish to your blog. Your comments, recommendations, and blog posts that you published on other blogs, will no longer appear on your personal blog. All of that activity is now accessible via your Kinja profile.

We'll update the product blog to let you know when these changes are ready to go out.


Questions or feedback? Leave them in the discussion below.

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