Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

Introducing the Social Toolbar

Something we hear frequently from our users and readers is that sharing on Kinja could be a lot easier After many iterations in design, implementation, and some testing, our new social toolbar is making its debut today.


detail of bar buttons

Our (obvious) hypothesis is that by providing persistent share tools to our readers, the shares will increase.

With a short testing period, we saw that they did, in fact, increase by about 10x. These results are preliminary, but they’re pointing in the right direction. We’ll continue to track performance, and share any interesting insights, once this is live on the platform.

We’re also bringing two Kinja elements to the forefront - A persistent recommend star and a quick access point for discussions.


This the beginning of hopefully a helpful tool for all of our users. Play around with the MVP and look forward to some enhancements in the near future.

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