Welcome to your weekly update on all things Kinja. We’ve decided to bring back our weekly product recaps, and give them a bit of a fresh spin. Stay tuned every Friday for updates on feature releases and changes that have taken place during the week. Questions and dialogue are encouraged, and we look forward to hearing from you in the discussions.

It’s been a great week here at Gawker Media, and we are excited to give everyone some insight on what we’ve been working on.

New Layout and Typography

Today we begin A/B testing on our new layout!

The new layout, which includes the new sidebar, will be wider, and optimized for 1440px browsers. In addition, full-width images will be increasing from the current maximum of 636px to a significantly larger 800px.


Along with the new layout, we are also going to start A/B testing our new typography. The changes in this release include slightly larger titles to support the wider layout, and the switch of our body text from Georgia to Elizabeth Serif.

Our new body text is a modified version of Merriweather, which includes brand-new question marks and additional punctuation custom designed by Grace on the Tech Team.


Adding Email To Your Profile

Today we are launching an internal Beta test of a new email field on the profile page. Users in the Beta test can access this feature by going to their account settings and entering their email address which will then display on their Kinja profile.


Although this Beta release is only internal at the moment, this feature will eventually be available to all Kinja users.

New Notification Workflow

Previously, if you were added as a member to a blog there would be no notification documenting this change. This week we released a modification to this workflow which notifies users when they have been added to a blog, and allows them to “accept” or “decline” their invitation. From the manage page, you can also see the status of a user you have invited to join your blog.



This will be released early next week and is part of a continued effort by the Tech Department to improve the workflow for users and to make their time on Kinja a much more streamlined and intuitive experience.

Continued Editor Improvements

The Editor Team at Gawker Tech has been hard at work continuing to optimize the current performance of the editor, focusing this week on stability and consistency tasks related to embeds.


Amazon Insets

This week we released a new iteration of the Amazon insets. The new insets have a bigger headline and an improved buy button. We ran a test to determine which of several variants drove the most conversions through Amazon. We found that this winning option performed the best out of the five variants we tested.


Thanks to Diego and Grace for their hard work creating these insets, and to Josh on the Data team for running the test.

We have a lot of exciting projects in the works, and we look forward to sharing all of them with you in the coming weeks!