Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

Kinja Roundup: 8/24/15 - 8/28/15

This week the Gawker Tech Team has been focusing on optimization and testing of new features which we hope to roll out in the next few weeks. We also released some changes that are designed to improve Kinja’s overall experience, and enhance user workflow. Check out all the details below!


New Layout and Typography

Following up on our A/B tests from last week, we’ve been continuing to make improvements to our new layout and typography in an effort to increase session lengths and story completion rates. If you’ve been reading Jalopnik, you may have noticed these changes and we’d love to hear your feedback in the discussion at the bottom of this post.

Take a look at last week’s Kinja Roundup if you are interested in learning more about these new features.


In-Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

We’ve been hard at work to improve the editor experience for our users, and this week we’ve released two brand new in-editor keyboard shortcuts.

  • Command + Enter will now publish a starter post or a reply
  • Users can now hit the tab key to switch between fields in the editor

Be sure to try out these new features when composing your next post or discussion.


Continued Editor Improvements and Bug Fixes

This week the Tech Team is focusing on improving the performance of editor embeds and insets. We were also able to identify and fix a post save bug that often occurred when pasting content from Reddit. Next week the Editor Team is focusing on the inclusion of SSL in the editor, stay tuned for more info!


Promoted Post Placement

Previously, Promoted Posts would appear in the 1st and 6th slots on the stream page. We discovered that the Promoted Post in the first slot was causing some annoying side affects for our users— such as clicking on the wrong story due to slow loading time. By moving the Promoted Post down to the third slot on the stream page we found increased viewability of the post itself, all while improving the reading experience.


Updated Commerce Insets

Commerce insets now include a disclosure that Gawker Media may be getting a commission from Amazon transactions that take place through our site. The purpose of this disclosure is to improve transparency for people visiting our sites. These insets are a work in progress, and users should expect iterative improvements in the future.


This has been your weekly Gawker Tech update— see you again next Friday for all your Kinja feature updates and changes!

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