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Kinja's Redesigned Editor

We are excited to announce the launch of our redesigned editor!

While we are adding some great new features, this redesign has essentially taken the existing elements and revamped them to be more intuitive, useful, and elegant. From our initial research on the previous version, we outlined the largest UX and stability issues and found solutions that adjusted the editor while preserving the things that our users loved about it..

This post is focusing on the changes made to the post editor, but users will see some of the changes reflected in the reply editor as well.



The look and feel got a total makeover, making the editor look more sleek and open. The dashed lines are meant to create a cleaner and less intrusive set of boundaries, giving the user the sense that they are working on something that is malleable. Additionally, the editor now grows vertically as content grows to allow the user easier content navigation and more writing space.

Formatting Tools

The reorganized toolbar can now be toggled to allow users to hide it when they want to write without distractions. We've also added a new horizontal rule button, to simplify adding breaks between paragraphs.


Timestamp Tool

The timestamp tool is now more reflective of how it appears on a published post, and the date and time can be clicked to edit each individually.



The tag tool now creates tag objects that can be dragged around and reordered.


Link Editing Tools

When a link is clicked, the user now sees a simpler and more more user-friendly set of link editing tools.


Publishing Buttons

The publishing tools have been extracted so that any available action is immediately visible. The "publish on" dropdown menu, where users may select which blog their post will appear on, is now only available to users with multiple blogs and located next to the publish button to reflect the relationship of the two actions.


Headline Character Count

Users now get an alert message with matching UI when the headline count goes above the limit.


Mobile Editor

The mobile version of the editor is reflective of these changes, and optimizes the formatting toolbar for smaller space by utilizing a scroll action when the blue arrows are clicked. For screen sizes less than 400px, we do not show the toolbar or the global navigation to allow the user enough writing space.


There are several parts of the redesign that are still in the works but will be integrated soon. We'll go into detail on these later, but they include:

  • Improved inset and media tools.
  • New preview tool.
  • Moving the editor to the user's private view.

The team will be actively addressing any issues that come up during the launch, and would love to hear any feedback you might have on it.


For further information and a means of contact, you can always go to the Kinja Help Desk.

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