Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

New Kinja Platform Design

In late July, we launched a new design for the front page of Kinja. We've made several improvements to the design and introduced it all Gawker Media sites. We will roll it out across all of Kinja in early September.

Information density was something lacking in the first design iteration launched with the kinja platform. This design is meant to address that, and a few other issues. Some key features to the design include:

  • simplified toolbar; consistent on desktop and mobile browsers
  • focus on story stream to make it easier to scan stories without interrupting images
  • introduction of story packages to provide back story and other relevant material
  • ads moved out of content stream to reduce interruption

You will find access to Gawker Media sites, and your personal blogs (if you have them), in the hamburger menu in the upper right of the toolbar.


If you are logged in, the user avatar provides access to your notifications, and other user specific settings.


Feedback, questions? Send them our way.

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