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Update (10/29): Flagging is now live across all of Kinja, you should now see a flag option on every reply. On your blog and any blog where you're an admin, you can find a flagging queue in that blog's private view (

Original post:

Today, we're beginning out first round of testing on a new moderation feature - flagging.


The project has been in the works since the re-introduction of pending replies. We kicked it off in response to the feedback we heard from our editorial staff and the greater Kinja community.

We are going to begin testing this new feature on a limited number of blogs with the goal of eventually releasing it across Kinja.

How It Works:

When you see a reply that breaks the Kinja Content Guidelines, you will now see an option to flag that reply.


Once you flag a reply, it'll be added to a queue for that blog's admins to moderate. The admins can dismiss the reply, block the user, or resolve the flag.


Until the blog's admins decide whether or not they'd like to dismiss the reply, it'll stay live on the site.

Why flagging?

Kinja is a platform for collaborative media, and we want that to be true for both the good and the bad replies that make it onto a Kinja blog. Flagging will allow authors and readers to work together to keep discussions focused and free of spam and trolls.


As always, please leave us any thoughts or feedback below.

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