Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

Reinvigorating the Sidebar

As you will soon see, our sidebar has received a makeover. The previous sidebar design contained small images and small headlines, with little to no context of the story. We hope to have addressed this in the latest design.

The new top module rotates between the top three stories, showcasing one trending story at a time. Now in view is a bigger image, bigger headline, author name, and the time the story was published. Hovering over a specific thumbnail will show that story’s information and pause the rotation.


The bottom module shows off the most popular stories on that blog. The same visual improvements have been applied to these stories, but with the added values of recommendations, replies, and page view counts, allowing you to see if a story is hot or under discussion.

This has been a huge step for the team in creating a foundation for Kinja into the future. On our Data Team’s blogpost, you can see the testing methods and our data behind the increase in clicks. Happy exploring!

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