Product and Feature Updates about Kinja
Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

Simplifications to the Inset Workflow

The tech team is introducing some changes in the editor to simplify insets. By simplifying this workflow, we can lay a better development foundation to build upon as well as make the experience of using insets more straightforward.

As of today, there are two major user-facing impacts that this change brings:

(1) We will no longer display consecutive insets in carousels, and instead they will be stacked vertically. Old posts (published before 6/20/15) that contain carousels will only display the first inset in that list.


(2) Link Preview Insets will not be generated automatically by hyperlinking text in paragraphs, they will only be generated by pasting a URL at the location you would like to display a Link Preview. Old posts will display these the same as they do now, and you can still add Link Previews by pasting the URL in the location you would like to add one.

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