Here's another preview of an upcoming feature we're working on!

This week, we ran a text annotation post on Jalopnik. Text annotation lets you discuss story a story in more depth by being able to reply to a specific paragraph or bullet point. After our previous test, we learned several lessons and found a few bugs. We addressed those issues with the new post:

  • Very few people text annotated the first post. This was likely a combination of both the UI not being very visible (it was a small quotation marks button next to each paragraph, displayed on hover) and having the primary discussable section of the first post buried in an embedded PDF. To fix these issues, we made the UI more obvious and made sure that the important pieces of the post were annotatable text.
  • We also fixed an issue where text annotation text wasn't showing up along with your reply. In several other locations.
  • Plus, other bugs and performance improvements!

We're hoping to have this feature live in about two weeks. Let us know what you think!