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The Onion is now publishing on Kinja

Last year we announced all Fusion Media Group sites would soon be publishing on Kinja. ​The migration process started with The Root in January, Splinter in March, and our most recent migration being The A.V. Club​ less than two months ago. Now we’re back to report that we’ve added another site to our platform. Today we welcome The Onion to Kinja.

Our team has spent the past eight months making sure The Onion continues into its 30th year in stride. And trying our best to not become the subject of The Onion’s next story:


Below we’ve highlighted a few of the recent releases that ensure the essence of The Onion is felt from day one.

Introducing our audience to satire

A benefit of being a part of the Kinja platform is exposure to new readers. Adding satire to the family presented us with a new challenge to solve. Working closely with our editorial teams, we created a satire segment within our network in order to have more control over where satire content is promoted. This allows us to take advantage of audience exposure while giving readers proper context. Our content is not meant to trick readers but to provide them with unbiased and humorous commentary on the world.

An evolving design

The segmentation of our network allows The Onion to maintain their general aesthetic. Readers will notice the site has a few customizations including the serif headline font and the newspaper layout for the top curation module on the homepage and vertical landing pages. This is just the beginning. We’ll continue to release new features and more customizations so stay tuned for more updates!


What do you think?


We love American Voices as much as the next reader so it was imperative that Kinja included the right tool to create this content. Launched a month ago, you may have already seen our new Quotables tool in use on The Root or Jezebel. This tool was built to add additional attribution features to a quotation, such as an image or a occupation but can be used for a variety of purposes, whether it’s an interview, listicle, or another creative way.

The Stories team built Quotables to be flexible for the platform, allowing each site to use the tool in the best way for their content. Since launch they have already incorporated user feedback to include text formatting and links within the three content areas.


All the photos you love

What better way to share news of a new editor tool than to actually use it? So, please enjoy this slideshow introducing our new slideshow tool:


Thank you to everyone on the Kinja team for making this possible, with a special shout-out to the migration team for taking care of every little detail. (And if you want to be a part of our growing team, we’re hiring in New York, Chicago, and Budapest).

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