Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

Updating Commerce Insets

The tech team is updating and improving the existing commerce insets… as I write this!

We originally created Commerce Insets to help readers make a more informed decision before buying what our editors or business staff recommend. A link to a product is made tremendously more valuable with additional context. Product name, price and “social proof” all help our readers make a qualified decision about purchase - we believe that is important. But as Kinja matures, so will these insets. We’ll soon be making a few updates to the existing experience.

Firstly, we’re updating the style of the inset to incorporate the new look and feel of Kinja. Simple enhancements, in line with changes to Kinja at large, should help to make the experience feel seamless. This is happening today.


(this is not a real inset, its just a screenshot - so don’t click it!)

Secondly, we’re adding a wide range of vendors beyond Amazon. We’ll be be incorporating nearly all of the same attributes and meta data as Amazon for retailers like Best Buy, NewEgg, Ebay, Walmart and many more. We’re excited to bring all these partners into the fold, and you can expect to see these changes in the coming week.

And finally, we hope to add some simple disclosure language to the commerce insets and links on Kinja in the near future. Because we may get a small share of the sale when you purchase something through these channels, we think it’s important that you know this. We want to be transparent and as helpful as possible - in all aspects of commerce.

UPDATE: Disclosure is now live! It looks like this:


More to come.

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