Product and Feature Updates about Kinja
Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

Weekly Tech Team Wrap-Up - 07/11

Hi All - welcome to this week's Tech Wrap-Up. We've been making some great strides on fixing issues over the last couple of weeks and I hope you're starting to see the improvements in the Editor.

In other news, yesterday we had Gawker Trivia night. Tech's team (joined by Jane-Claire) CRUSHED the Editorial competition and we're looking forward to our victory lunch. Better luck next time @hotkitchen


Completed This Week


  • A much-improved HTML edit view, with clearer formatting and colorization! This is currently behind a feature flag but you can access it using "/?redactorhtmlview=on" i.e.…
  • Smartpaste: content that is copy-pasted into the editor from outside sources is better sanitized than before. This is currently behind a feature flag but you can access it using "/?smartpaste=on" i.e.

Bugs Fixes:

  • Applying a link to formatted text no longer results in loss of formatting
  • Content displayed in editor now more closely matches the actual contents of the post. This resolves a number of bugs, including headings unexpectedly disappearing/becoming unformatted on-save, and other loss of formatting on-save
  • Copy/paste within the editor can break the markup / introduce strange and unexpected markup Undo is sometimes too aggressive / removes much more changes than expected
  • Fixed redirect loop issue of notification page
  • Dismissed replies now show up on permalinks
  • Reply permalinks show only the reply thread (from starter to leaves)

Work In Progress

  • Fixing issues with Notifications not appearing for some users
  • Building the migration scripts for Blog/User separation
  • Working on blog description fields to fix Google search results
  • Improvements to landing page and onboarding experience in design
  • Global Navigation Improvements in design & prototype
  • Left Column strategy

Up Next

  • Direct Image Uploads to Cloudinary to reduce some lag issues we've been seeing with images in the Editor
  • Global Navigation rework (development)
  • Slack, we have purchased enterprise licenses for Slack, so we'll be discovery work around integrating Slack into Kinja and actually working on this during Budapest Hack Week.
  • Working on ideas to improve user notifications on desktop
  • User Profile enhancements

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